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A little about me...

In 2002, I began painting professionally with a company based out of Converse, TX. I met my wife and business parter through the company's owner.  Eight years later, we have been blessed with a happy marriage, two amazing and healthy sons, Leevi (7) and Brenin(2), a place we love to call home, and a successful, small business in Schertz, TX.  We also share our home with our two, four-legged children, Cinnamon and Jade (our friendly pit bulls).  This past year, we opened our arms to one additional member, a 2 1/2 foot Iguana that we named Zepplin.

We enjoy spending our free time at home with our boys and inviting family and friends over to enjoy our barbecues.  I enjoy riding motorcycles, racing, shooting pool, playing darts, and hopping on a tube for a trip down the river with my family.  We will always help anyone that is in need and are there for our family and friends.

At times, I have found that painting is a challenging profession to keep steady work in; especially in off seasons and with the current economic situation so many Americans are facing.  It is during these times that I must push extra hard to keep work coming in for my family.  However, when I've been asked to venture into other professions, I always turn them down.  The fact is that as tedious and unsteady as it may be, painting is what makes me truly happy.  Seeing the smile on a customer's face after transforming their home makes it worthwhile and lets me know that I am making a difference.

In 5 years, I plan to have a steadily growing business with 3-5 additional employees. I do not wish to advance or grow into a huge company, because of my standards and firm belief in small business.  Additionally, it is also very difficult for me to allow anyone to do my work, because I take so much pride in the quality of work I do.  I have high standards for the services we provide and seek future employees whose quality of work would reflect our company's expectations.

Ace in the Hole Paining is licensed and insured as of late 2010.


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Companies we use and Trust
We love to use Lowes as one of our suppliers for paint and equipment. We use Sherwin Williams for many aspects of our painting needs, including paint and primer, and the swatch library with all of their available paint colors/samples!
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